Tuesday, February 3, 2015

GUEST POST 6: by Kimberly M.

Some highlights:

1.  There was a goddamn "Love Guru" that made me puke in my mouth.  The cruise ship singer and the dumbfuck bachelor had to do this overly sexual and intimate therapy type thing that was far better suited for an established couple not people that barely know each other, it was horrifying.  Truly.  I cannot wait for you to feast your eyes upon it. 

2.  Britt aka Vanessa Lachey outed herself as a fake ass faker.  Cried tears that she was afraid of heights and then displayed absolutely zero fear on a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE, which is terrifying if you have a fear of heights!  She also had a fake, disgusting and juvenile reaction when talking to Prince Farmoron (see what I did there?  lol) about having kids.  Also she put full lipstick on before bed so I hate her fucking guts.  She's one of those chicks that give us all a bad name. Suck it Britt.

3.  And then we have Kelsey.  I have no words for what transpired last night.  All I can tell you is that the episode ended with a giant "TO BE CONTINUED" instead of a rose ceremony and that Kelsey was sprawled out on the floor sobbing hysterically being tended to by paramedics who asked "are you hurt?" "did you hit your head?" to which Kelsey wailed "noooooooooooo I'm just batshit crazy and wanted to display this fact on national television".  It is seriously disturbing.  The whole thing.

4.  Ashley I and her tarantulashes have officially become unbearable.  I wish she would die in a fire.  Not literally but still. 

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  1. I agree 100% with every single one of these observations - great highlights!